Over the last few years, I have spent a lot of time on my phone procrastinating and scrolling through random apps. Somewhere along the way, I had the idea of working on a project that would provide something different to people’s usual outlets. Maybe even something informative, thus adding to the positive aspect of their devices.

I sat on this idea for several years but at the end of 2018 I decided to create a website consisting of posts ranging from short articles to longer series, with the aim of launching it within the first week of 2020. At the beginning I wasn’t really sure what I would include but I knew I enjoyed taking photos and I wanted to create interesting written content. So, throughout 2019 I spent time developing my portfolio of pictures, learning how to build a website and collating ideas for its content, with this site being the result.

The title PickUpACrayon came from spending time with my two young nieces; from their vivid and curious imagination to their amazing energy and ability to argue whilst instantaneously becoming best friends, I found their playful manner very endearing. They both acted as a personal reminder that whilst we eventually grow older, maybe there is a benefit to remaining playful and creative in a carefree manner and maintaining a curious nature.

The posts on PickUpACrayon.com have a wide range and they all stem from thoughts I’ve had, my own personal experiences or conversations I’ve had with my friends and family. Throughout its creation people have asked me: What is my overall goal with the site? In short, I want to create quick, interesting and informative reads. The hope being, one day others will contribute in a similar way, thus expanding the site’s reach in giving people something different to look at outside their usual outlets whilst ultimately acting as a safe and reliable knowledge sharing platform for both readers and contributors alike.

The hope is that – just as a child who has no respect for reality can imagine and draw to their heart’s content when they PickUpACrayon – maybe, in the same way my nieces encouraged me to finally PickUpACrayon with this site, this site could be a step towards others doing the same with their ideas!

Thank you for visiting!

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