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According to modern science, if you scale the timeline of the earth to one year; homo sapiens (humans) have been around for less than 30 minutes, we began establishing country borders less than 40 seconds ago, Jesus was born less than 15 seconds ago, and, in the last two seconds, we have legally practiced slavery, fought a number of wars, taken part in a number of genocides and fallen foul of multiple economic disasters.

At the same time, in the last second, we have started to forge a path towards equal rights for all irrespective of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation, parts of the world are experiencing their longest periods of peace, and we have made multiple advancements which have improved healthcare and connectivity, all whilst recognising and attempting to mitigate our environmental footprint.

As a species our history shows the good and bad; it highlights our ability to create and destroy, and thus ultimately shows us that anything is possible. Imagine an individual who influences two people today and as a result those two people go on to influence four people tomorrow – if this trend continues, that initial person’s influence can have a knock-on effect and spread to the entire global population within 40 days. While this is a very simplified illustration of the butterfly effect, it does show the ease and potential magnitude of change and possibility.

Over seven billion people with their own unique views, their own approach to life, and their own thoughts and concerns – a complex network of stories which all eventually intertwine. At some point the questions begin: Why are we here? Are we part of something bigger? Does a godlike figure exist? Why do we think the way we do? Are we just one big coincidence? Why do we do something when we know we shouldn’t? Why are some individuals more committed and disciplined? Is fear a good thing? What is the ego? And, ultimately, do any of these questions actually matter?

We arguably know more about the universe than we do about the human mind and, although we may never know the answers to the questions above, it’s important to remain curious, to question the status quo, and ultimately to attempt to move forward. Somewhere in all this questioning, I began conceiving a project that would give people something different to look at outside their usual outlets.

I sat on this idea for several years but at the end of 2018 I decided to create a website consisting of posts ranging from short articles to longer series, with the aim of launching it within the first week of 2020. At the beginning I wasn’t really sure what I would include but I knew I enjoyed taking photos and I wanted to create interesting written content. So, throughout 2019 I spent time developing my portfolio of pictures, learning how to build a website and collating ideas for its content, with this site being the result.


The title PickUpACrayon came from spending time with my two young nieces; from their vivid and curious imagination to their amazing energy and ability to argue whilst instantaneously becoming best friends, I found their playful manner very endearing. They both acted as a personal reminder that whilst we eventually grow older, maybe there is a benefit to remaining playful and creative in a carefree manner and maintaining a curious nature.

The posts on have a wide range and they all stem from thoughts I’ve had, my own personal experiences or conversations I’ve had with my friends and family. Throughout its creation people have asked me: What is my overall goal with the site? In short, I want to create quick, interesting and informative reads. The hope being, one day others will contribute in a similar way, thus expanding the site’s reach in giving people something different to look at outside their usual outlets whilst ultimately acting as a safe and reliable knowledge sharing platform for both readers and contributors alike.

The hope is that – just as a child who has no respect for reality can imagine and draw to their heart’s content when they PickUpACrayon – maybe, in the same way my nieces encouraged me to finally PickUpACrayon with this site, this site could be a step towards two others doing the same with their ideas so that maybe one day, they can go onto encourage four.

Thank you for visiting!

Amar (Founder)

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